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In hospital rooms around the world, patients are dealing with demands on their health, and staff members are dealing with demands on their time. Curbell Medical is at the center of it all, with product lines that have set the standard for hospital room integration. For more than 50 years, we have made sure that patients can expect the best possible experience. And our salespeople make sure that our customers can expect the same, bringing decades of experience to partnerships that are built for the long haul. Whether it’s a visionary product or a tried-and-true relationship, there’s integrity in everything we build.


Practical and purpose-built for hospital patients and staff, Rēgo is easy to see and use for patients of all ages. Rēgo empowers patients to communicate their needs, select entertainment options, access information, and even control in-room elements like lighting and shades.

By giving patients control of their hospital room with one easy-to-use product, Curbell pillow speakers are at the forefront of healthcare integration.

Our complete line of reusable and disposable ECG cables and lead wires provides undisputed excellence in healthcare connectivity.

Curbell’s fall management products work to minimize the amount of unassisted exits and patient falls, notifying caregivers when one is in danger of occurring.

Without a custom communication cable from Curbell, a bed is just a bed. But when our cable is plugged in, the bed becomes a communication center.

When it comes to their bed, patients deserve more than basic comfort. They deserve every modern convenience. This is why Curbell Medical is focused on providing the highest quality healthcare mattresses and mattresses covers in the industry.

Curbell’s low voltage controllers allow patients to safely operate high-voltage circuits such as lights, electric doors and drapes with their pillow speaker or bed communication side rail.