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When it comes to patient monitoring, hospitals don’t want surprises. They want the reliability of Curbell Medical. A premier provider of patient monitoring solutions, our comprehensive line of high-quality cables and lead wires reflects Curbell’s undisputed excellence in healthcare connectivity.

Curbell’s ECG Cables, Lead Wires and Connector Clips are designed to meet or exceed the applicable performance requirements of ANSI/AAMI EC53A:/1998(R) 2001.

These solutions are wide-ranging, boasting a seamless interface with current systems and guaranteed performance from a company that hospitals have been depending on for decades. They’re OEM compatible, enabling efficient caregiver workflow. They’re always in stock, available whenever you need them. And they’re affordable, giving customers options that are both effective and cost-saving.

With our attentive sales team on your side, you won’t just benefit from superior patient monitoring – your best interests will be closely monitored as well.

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