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Curbell Medical Products, Inc.

Specialty Call Cords

Our specialty call cords allow patients with limited or no hand dexterity to signal the nurse or operate a TV using ultra-sensitive switches in a variety of forms. They can integrate with most nurse call systems directly or with the use of a nurse call adaptor. Curbell offers five types of Specialty Call Cords:

  • BreathCall
  • EZ Call
  • Mechanical Pad
  • PadCall
  • PressCall


  • For patients with special needs (severe burns, paraplegics, quadriplegics, immobilized patients)

Pneumatic device activated by patient’s breath

  • Adjustable clamp fits side rail or headboard
  • Arm can be adjusted to almost any position
  • Additional straws and filters available
  • Available in Nurse-only and Nurse/TV models

EZ Call

  • Can be placed anywhere for activation including cheek, foot, head, etc.
  • Large tented design allows for flexibility and ease of use

Mechanical Pad

  • Perfect for patients who have difficulty using call cords or pillow speakers
  • Large, sensitive surface area
  • Activates from any direction


  • Sensitive, air-activated switch
  • Large call surface (3" diameter)
  • Gripper feet to hold in place


  • Air activated, squeeze actuation
  • Fits comfortably in patient’s palm
  • Custom lengths available
  • Available in Nurse-only and Nurse/TV models