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Curbell Medical Products, Inc.

Low Voltage Controllers

Curbell’s low voltage controllers allow patients to safely operate high-voltage circuits such as lights, electric doors and drapes with their pillow speaker or bed communication side rail. They’re tested and approved for use with all nurse call systems that use a momentary, normally open switch for auxiliaries. We offer models for installation either in a lighting fixture or in a masonry box in the wall or ceiling. Below are some examples to show you how the different models can work in different situations.

Situation: The Low Voltage Controller does not come with the light

The LVC-3000 low voltage controller is designed to be remote mounted in a two-gang masonry box and will allow for the control of two loads independently or sequentially. It’s an easy solution with rugged, time-tested technology that will reliably control your LED and florescent lighting.

Situation: The Low Voltage Controller was not specified in the job book

For the general contractor, there is always anxiety when the electrical inspector comes to the job site; and if it’s not in the specification book, it’s not going to be installed. In order for a patient to control the lighting from their bed side, a low voltage controller must be used. The LVC-3000 is your quick and reliable solution to handle the toughest LED or fluorescent loads.

Situation: We like the light, but the LVC that came with it is already giving us headaches

There few options on the market for LVCs that are up to the quality level needed to last in the hospital room environment. Our LC-060 uses time-tested 10 amp relays providing reliable switch closure; and because it’s about the same size as a standard T8 ballast, you should be able to fit it in place of the existing LVC.

Situation: My Client wants their patients to be able to dim the room lighting

Giving patients more control over their environment is a fast-growing trend. Lighting is an integral part of the patient room experience, and providing this control economically is now available. Our LVC-2000-001 and LVC-2000-004 dimming low voltage controllers allow the patient to dim up to two loads (if the LED or florescent light allows for 0-10V dimming control).

Situation: The facility wants to be able to turn three lights on/off from the pillow speaker

There are more facilities wanting to give the patient not only control over the reading and ambient lights, but also a wall sconce or bathroom light from their pillow speaker. Curbell’s LVC-2000-001 and LVC-2000-004 dimming low voltage controllers allow for the control of up to 3 loads.

Situation: We’d like to offer our patients bi-directional dimming

We have installed the latest LED lights and my client wants their patients to be able to dim the lights up or down but doesn’t want to pay for an expensive building system. Bi-directional dimming has been a challenge when integrating lighting control through Nurse Call. Our LVC-2000-004 Low Voltage Controller lets you to dim an LED fixture up or down and on/off from one button on the pillow speaker, side rail, or normally open momentary dry contact wall switch.


Model Mounting Voltage Dimming Loads
LC-060 In light or in four-gang masonry box 120V-277V No up to two
LVC-2000-001 In light or in five-gang masonry box 120V-277V Yes (high to low only) up to three
LVC-2000-004 In light or in five-gang masonry box 120V-277V Yes (bi-directional) up to three
LVC-3000-001 Two-gang masonry box 120V-277V No up to two
LC-040 and LC-050: replaced by LVC-3000-001.
LC-040 and LC-050 wiring diagrams are still available