The Effects of Alarm Fatigue on Nurses and HCAHPS Scores

In the old days, both celebrities and business tycoons would “check” themselves into the best hospitals to relax and replenish themselves from the stress of their hectic lives. The news channels would feature a story about Zsa Zsa or Liz being admitted to Sloan-Kettering for a “Work-Up”. Those days and news items are gone forever, along with the celebrities they described. It seems preposterous today to think that any … Read More

Combating Alarm Fatigue: Curbell Medical Empowers Healthcare Providers

Shift change; night shift giving report, day shift taking report, assignments made, notes completed, medications dispensed, treatments started, dressings changed, meals served, doctors on the floor wanting assistance.   Along with this are patient call lights, alarms beeping for an IV fluid change in one room an EKG monitor in another room, the phone ringing, patient in the restroom pulling the alarm cord. Busy, chaotic and noisy, but the need to … Read More

Why Do Patients Fall?

How many times have patients disregarded caregiver instructions and refused to request assistance when attempting to leave their hospital beds?  How many times have caregivers and the family members of patients struggled with this refusal? Even those patients presumed too frail, too debilitated to move, have been known to wriggle down to the end of their beds, past protective side rails, only to be found—sometimes hours later—on the floor … Read More

7 Fall Management Precautions Every Nurse Should Take

As designers and manufacturers of innovative medical communication technologies, Curbell understands both the challenges and critical importance of communication between caregivers and patients. Lack of communication can lead to a range of potentially fatal hazards. Among the most common, the threat of patient falls often emerges from a patient’s reluctance to communicate the need for necessary assistance. The high stakes of effective communication in medical care thus require a … Read More

How Curbell is Driving Improvement in Patient Experience – and Organizational HCAHPS Scores

Curbell Fall Management

The hospital room is a transformative place. It’s a place few want to be – it implies sickness, or aging, or procedure. It’s synonymous with tragedy. Mostly, it’s reactive. It’s where you go ‘when’. When you’re sick, hurt, or both. The very notion of triage – a critical function in the hospital – is to “assign degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses”, again a reactive function. But after … Read More