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Curbell Medical Products, Inc.


“We are committed to complying with environmental laws and regulations, controlling and reducing our impact on the environment and protecting our natural resources for future generations.”
– Curbell’s Environmental Policy

For many, “sustainability” means "going green" or "recycling," something they need not concern themselves with during difficult economic times, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Curbell Medical has taken an aggressive approach to sustainability and is addressing the issues of waste, consumption and disposal on all fronts.

Our environmental sustainability programs started taking shape in 2006, in an effort to reduce operational waste and consumption through recycling, education, effective management systems and lean manufacturing practices. Curbell also installed energy-efficient equipment and partnered with service contractors, customers and suppliers on sustainability efforts.

As a result, Curbell has achieved “Zero Landfill” status, having recycled more than 100 tons – no waste from Curbell ends up in a landfill. We were able to significantly reduce operating costs as well, further inspiring interest and support in other sustainability efforts.

Curbell continues to search for ways to improve, and has engaged business partners, utility companies and local governments in sharing ideas and strategies in the quest for business sustainability.